4 Questions Every R&D Chemist Should Ask When Purchasing Custom Chemicals



Custom chemicals are a mainstay in the research and development sector. Necessary for a variety of highly-specific experimentations, custom chemicals are as ubiquitous in R&D as test tubes and lab coats.


Noah Technologies works with developers all over the world to supply custom chemicals for a range of experimental processes. From researching lower-cost ways to perform a function to developing breakthrough pharmaceuticals that can heal a population, our chemicals have been used in a staggering array of R&D-centric fields.


Here are four questions every research chemist should ask when purchasing custom chemicals.


1. What options for customization do you offer?

Noah Chemicals offers myriad ways to customize chemicals for any application. From formulaic customizations to purity specifications, our R&D clients are some of our most specific. In addition to customizing compounds on an elemental level, we can also customize components of an order such as packaging size, grain size, or liquid viscosity.


2. Can you supply developmental quantities?

One of the hardest things for most researchers is obtaining developmental quantities of specific high-purity chemicals. Many commercial chemical suppliers simply don’t make (or can’t separate) sometimes very small amounts of material just for R&D customers. Noah Technologies can supply developmental quantities of thousands of common and uncommon chemicals, then scale up supply if research or production necessitates.


3. What is your quality control process?

Quality control is particularly important for R&D chemicals; it’s an area that requires chemical purity to be consistent and verifiable. Noah Chemicals quality control program is robust, ranging from a spate of in-house processes to complete adherence to the ISO 9001 quality guidelines. At Noah Tech, we don’t call it quality control, we call it quality assurance.


4. What if I don’t know exactly which chemical I need?

Noah Technologies’ on-staff chemists don’t just work on supplying commercial buyers with the chemicals they need, they also consult on a wide variety of chemical issues for clients. When an R&D process is stuck, or there’s question over which chemical can produce a desired reaction, the chemists at Noah Technologies can help. Working with a chemical partner, not just a chemical supplier, is an excellent way to keep any R&D process moving forward.

Research and development is the backbone of the American chemicals industry. From large-scale industrial applications to small-size thesis hypotheses, no experimentation is outside the bounds of Noah Technologies’ industry-leading capabilities.


For more information on how Noah Tech’s custom chemical products can improve your R&D process, reach out to our friendly team today.