Chemicals in Everyday Use



One of the best things about living in the twenty-first century is our access to products and medicines that make our lives more enjoyable. Modern living can be hectic. Yet our lives are considerably more carefree than that of our ancestors. Or at least more comfortable. 


Through centuries of innovation, chemists have given us many modern conveniences. Without realizing it, people interact with hundreds of chemicals on a daily basis. Here is an exploration of just four of the chemicals most people come into contact with every day. 

Aluminum Hydroxide

Found in over-the-counter heartburn medications, aluminum hydroxide is a common compound of aluminum, hydrogen and oxygen. It can behave as either a base or an acid and has the ability to collect other substances on its surface through adsorption. 


When used as an antacid, aluminum hydroxide works as a base. Excess stomach acid becomes neutralized and discomfort is relieved. Because aluminum hydroxide must interact with stomach acid to be effective, it is not used to prevent the onset of heartburn. Rather it treats heartburn once symptoms begin. 


Often aluminum hydroxide is combined with magnesium hydroxide. Together they relieve symptoms of stomach ulcers, stomach hernia, inflammation of the stomach and esophagus, and excess stomach acid. 


Zinc Oxide 

Though used in a variety of applications, zinc oxide is often found as the active ingredient in sunscreen. Zinc oxide works to protect skin by reflecting and scattering the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It is considered among the most effective active ingredients available for sunscreen.


Most other chemical additives in sunscreen can only protect against UVA or UVB ultraviolet rays. Zinc oxide protects against both. Many products labeled as “Broad Spectrum" use zinc oxide as the active ingredient for this reason. 


Sodium Hydroxide 

Also known as caustic soda or lye, sodium hydroxide is a water-soluble, white, odorless solid. Used in a wide array of applications, the compound is found in products ranging from household cleaning supplies to medicines. It is also used in the production of food, paper, batteries, fabric, and purified water.  


Accessible, affordable and easy to detect and dispose of, sodium hydroxide is ideal as a cleaning agent. It alters hard grease, turning it to a dissolvable soap. This property makes it an excellent drain cleaner. Beyond the kitchen, it is also found in the laundry room. Sodium hydroxide combined with chlorine results in chlorine bleach.


Sodium hydroxide is capable of causing severe chemical burns. But when used appropriately, it is a valuable ingredient in pharmaceuticals. It is found in pain relievers, cholesterol maintenance drugs and blood thinners. 


Tin (II) Fluoride 

Tin (II) fluoride⁠—also known as Stannous fluoride⁠—is used in toothpaste and other oral care products. A white, lustrous crystalline powder, tin (II) fluoride is slightly water-soluble.


Tin (II) fluoride makes teeth more resistant to the acids and bacteria that cause tooth decay. It discourages tooth demineralization and encourages the remineralization of diminished enamel. It is the only type of fluoride to aid in the prevention of the three major areas of concern in oral health: cavities, plaque and gingivitis, and oral sensitivity.


From medicine to cleaning agents to household supplies and beyond, our modern lives are powered by chemistry. Access to the highest quality chemicals like those offered by Noah Technologies allows chemists and manufacturers to produce the most effective products possible—making consumers’ lives as carefree as possible. 


Noah Technologies is dedicated to providing clients the purest chemicals. Whether searching for aluminum hydroxide, zinc oxide, sodium hydroxide or tin (II) fluoride, Noah Technologies can provide you with the highest quality chemicals available. Plus, ordering is simple through our massive online catalog. 



To speak with a qualified chemist about custom chemicals and bulk ordering contact us today!




Noah Chemicals is dedicated to providing clients the purest chemicals. Buy these chemicals directly from our massive online catalog. To speak with a qualified chemist about custom chemicals and bulk ordering contact us today!

Aluminum Hydroxide


ALUMINUM HYDROXIDE, Reagent, -325 mesh, (Aluminum Oxide, Trihydrate; Aluminum Trihydroxide), Al(OH)3 or Al2O3.3H2O


Zinc Oxide

ZINC OXIDE, 99.9% pure, ACS Reagent, -200 mesh, ZnO

ZINC OXIDE, 99.999% pure, -325 mesh, < 5 microns average, ZnO


Sodium Hydroxide

SODIUM HYDROXIDE, 50% SOLUTION, Reagent, (Caustic Soda), NaOH

SODIUM HYDROXIDE, 99% pure, beads, (Caustic Soda), NaOH

SODIUM HYDROXIDE, 99.99% pure, pellets, (Caustic soda), NaOH

SODIUM HYDROXIDE, ACS Reagent, pellets, (Caustic Soda), NaOH


Tin (II) Fluoride


TIN (II) FLUORIDE, 99.9% pure, -6 mesh, (Stannous Fluoride), SnF2

TIN (II) FLUORIDE, USP, -6 mesh, (Stannous Fluoride), SnF2