How to Reduce Chemical Waste in your Manufacturing Operation



Chemical waste can be incredibly expensive, particularly when extrapolated on a manufacturing scale. Waste happens for a variety of reasons including over-ordering, expiration, mis-labeling, and even spillage. Here are a leading chemical supplier’s top suggestions for reducing chemical waste in your operation.


Carefully Managed Inventory

Reducing chemical waste starts with streamlining inventory. There’s a pervasive myth of the “economy of size” when it comes to buying chemicals in bulk; in fact, certain chemicals can actually be more cost-effective when purchased in smaller amounts due to scarcity.

Inventory should be considered on a holistic basis and reevaluated at least quarterly. When it becomes clear a specific chemical is being over- or under-ordered, working with a chemical supplier to immediately rectify the situation is best-practice. Remember that keeping a litany of chemicals on-hand for months doesn’t just require a significant initial investment, it also incurs costs in storage, temperature control, security, and long-term viability of chemicals with specific shelf lives.


Order Only the Amount of Chemical(s) Required

Manufacturers have a tendency to over-order chemicals in an attempt to circumvent potential downtime later on in the process. Working with the right chemical partner ensures manufacturers don’t have to manage both the burden of production and the supply chain process. Experienced chemical partners like Noah Technologies absorb many of the logistical headaches that typically come with buying chemicals in bulk.

When chemicals are supplied ad-hoc, consistency is always a concern. That’s all the more reason to work with a chemical supplier with a reputation for in-house testing; batches shouldn’t differ by lot. Ordering only the amount of chemicals necessary to perform (x) number of manufacturing runs ensures the chemicals on-hand are more stable, easier to inventory, and that the entire facility is safer.


In-House Chemicals Exchange Program

Surpluses of chemicals and chemical compounds happen. Chemical exchange programs are a widely practiced way of dealing with such surpluses, specifically when organized in-house. Large organizations or manufacturing facilities can sometimes successfully manage chemical exchange programs directly through existing internal channels.

It is possible to participate in chemicals exchange programs externally, although the practice is not without risks. Chemical agencies must always have the proper insurance and permits necessary to deal with controlled chemicals, particularly in the area of hazardous waste disposal. It’s never a bad time to talk to your chemical supplier about options for unopened, unused chemical surpluses.


Noah Chemicals is committed to helping manufacturers operate leaner. Reducing chemical waste isn’t just a function of a streamlined process; it’s actually a reflection of the operation as a whole. Let Noah Chemicals experienced team works with you to develop a plan that ensures you always have exactly the right amount of the chemical(s) you need. No more, no less.



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