Is it Time to Switch Your Chemical Manufacturing Supplier?

Finding the right chemical manufacturing supplier can be a challenge. A variety of factors should be considered in the decision-making process, and best-practice dictates reviewing your vendor(s) at least once every two years. But how do you know when it’s time to consider switching from one supplier to another?


Supply Becomes Undependable
In the commercial chemicals industry, dependability is everything. Whether supplying to manufacturing facilities, production plants, or research facilities, good chemical suppliers know the key to sustained, lasting contracts is the ability to under-promise and oversupply. If your supplier has begun frequently running out of a needed product or making you wait long lead times for them to source something specific, it may be time to consider looking elsewhere.


You Don’t Have Enough Options
Some facilities – water treatment plants, for example – source the exact same chemicals year after year. Constant advances in other industries, though, can dictate a change in requirements yearly, monthly, or even weekly. If your chemical supplier doesn’t have a large enough catalog for you to choose from you may find yourself adding more and more vendors to an ever-complicated list just to keep up with your needs. From phosphates to reagents to rare earth metals, working with one supplier that carries a wide array of chemicals always makes logistics simpler.


Your Product Isn’t Shipped Properly
Ordering the correct chemicals is only worthwhile when they show up packaged correctly. Working with a supplier that doesn’t take every precaution when storing and shipping your product might mean your chemicals arrive damaged or, worse, unsafe. Choose a supplier who works under specific guidelines (like ISO 9001) and undergoes its own regular quality control audits.


Chemicals Aren’t as Pure as They Should Be
The cardinal sin of chemical manufacturing is providing a chemical that doesn’t meet its required criteria. Of course, different applications call for different purity levels but if you’re not receiving the level of purity you’re requesting, you’re not getting your money’s worth. It’s smart to have your supplier’s product independently tested from time to time to ensure quality – and if you aren’t getting the results you expect, move on.

Working with a dependable, customer-forward chemical manufacturer is the first step in making your operation more efficient. From production to research, chemical components are an integral piece of the puzzle, and knowing you can depend on your supplier is half the battle.


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