Noah Tech Turns 40: 4 Facts About Us

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Noah Chemicals was excited to celebrate forty years in business this April. We’re proud to have always been an American company, and also a company with an unwavering commitment to quality. From the day we were founded in 1978, Noah Chemicals (then “Noah Industrial Corporation”) has always stood for reliability.

In honor of our 40th anniversary, here are four little-known facts about Noah Chemicals.

  1. Growth came fast and furious for Noah Chemcials.

    When Noah Industrial Corporation was founded in 1978 in New York state, it was a home-based business for its first six months. By September of that year, six employees had been added to the team. This exponential growth continued and led to the lease of a 5,000 square foot building which itself was outgrown less than three years later.

  2. Moving to Texas was a thoughtful decision.

    For Noah Industrial Corporation’s first seven years, the business climate around New York City and Long Island made it difficult to grow efficiently. After a full 18 months of site investigations, Noah was relocated to San Antonio, Texas, where we still operate today. It was at that point the business’ name was changed to Noah Chemicals in keeping with our firm’s overall market.

  3. Scope of services has never changed.

    Since its inception, Noah Chemicals’ mission has not changed: Supply high-purity inorganic materials and commercial-grade bulk materials to clients all over the country and in fact, the world. Some of these materials are difficult to manufacture, require high technology to produce, are high in cost, and used in relatively small volume. Others are integral to complicated, high throughput industrial processes in a number of commercial industries.

  4. Noah Chemicals is still growing.

    Today, we operate out of an 85,000+ square foot facility in San Antonio on more than 18 acres of additional land suitable for eventual growth. We have employees in areas as wide-ranging as sales, research and development, quality assurance, purchasing, marketing, and analytic. We also have several on-staff chemists that regularly work with new and potential clients to determine exactly which chemicals/compounds make the most sense for their application.


Over the course of four decades, the global chemicals market has changed immensely. What hasn’t changed is Noah Chemicals’ commitment to supplying incredibly high quality chemical products to customers around the country – and the world – in a dependable, efficient manner.

Today, our clients range from governmental to industrial to academic, and everywhere in between. Noah Chemicals is recognized as a leader in specialty chemicals the world over; we’re proud to be a U.S.-based chemical company.


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