Quality Assurance is a Noah Tech Priority


At Noah Chemicals, we take Quality Assurance seriously. It’s very important to us that the quality of our products and service be constantly improving, and we are extremely dedicated to multi-layer quality control.

Our clients appreciate that we adhere to the rigorous specifications of ISO-9001 Quality System International Standard, of which we are accredited by DSQ Inc.

Every material produced, stored, and shipped by Noah Chemicals undergoes a series of strict quality verifications, and we have multiple audit systems in place in-house to ensure constant review of our methods and practices. We adhere to internationally known and accepted standards including those set forth by the American Chemical Society, United States Pharmacopeia, and the American Society for Testing and Materials, among others.

When dealing with a non-standard material or formulation, Noah Chemicals’ team of technicians selects appropriate testing techniques and analyses, all done at no additional charge to the customer. Although we strive to include all standard testing necessary for even off-standard products, we understand the need of some customers to obtain additional testing. We offer in-house testing services using various test methods like Inductively Coupled Plasma, Ion Chromatography, wet chemicals testing, laser diffraction particle size distribution, Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer, screen analysis, and others as applicable by international standards.

It’s vital to our operations that our customers are happy with both the quality of their products and the service they receive. Noah Technologies’ dedication to quality assurance doesn’t stop at product analysis; we strive to continually improve in all of our processes and operations through a system of internal and external audits identifying areas of possible improvement.

We’d love to hear from you about what your team is looking for when it comes to quality assurance from a chemical manufacturer. Noah Chemicals is a premier U.S.-based industrial chemical supplier, but we know there’s always room to grow.

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