Rare, Beautiful Vanadyl Sulfate




Vanadyl sulfates are a collection of inorganic compounds abbreviated VOSO4(H2O)x. These compounds feature the vanadyl ion, sometimes referred to as the most stable diatomic ion.

In laboratory form, it is sold as a hydroscopic blue solid or a brilliant blue crystalline solid. Denser than water and highly soluble in water, it is also generally stable under recommended storage conditions. Vanadyl sulfate is extremely toxic when ingested and great care should be taken not to touch or inhale the compound during use.


How Vanadyl Sulfate is Made

Vanadyl sulfate is an intermediate in the extraction of vanadium from petroleum residues, which are one of the major commercial sources of vanadium. VOSO4(H2O)x is obtained by the reduction of vanadium pentoxide with sulfur dioxide, itself a biproduct of petroleum production. In solution, the sulfate ion dissolves quickly. Because vanadyl sulfate readily dissolves in water, it is very rarely found in nature.

What is Vanadyl Sulfate Used For?

The compound itself exhibits insulin-like effects. Pharmaceutical grade vanadyl sulfate is currently being studied within the field of diabetes research as a potential alternative to synthetic insulin, or as a means of increasing insulin sensitivity. So far, no evidence supports oral vanadium supplements for improving glycemic control, and gastrointestinal side effects have been reported.

As a non-pharmaceutical, vanadyl sulfate has been marketed as a health supplement and for use by body builders. Research for this use is sparse and is so far inconclusive.

There are myriad uses for vanadyl sulfates within the manufacturing sector as well. It is marketed as a mordant for dying textiles and other printed materials due to its bright blue color. It is also used in the manufacturing of glass, and for the blue and green glazes on pottery.

Vanadyl Sulfate from Noah Chemicals

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