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Chemicals in Everyday Life

Magnesium Overview: Uses and Benefits for Treating Muscle Cramps

March 12, 2020

  The fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, magnesium plays an important role in more than 300 bodily chemical reactions. Chemically,..

Hydrogen and Carbon Used as Solvent Degreasers for Industrial Cleaning

March 9, 2020

  Industrial cleaning and degreasing is an unpleasant but necessary task. Whether you run a manufacturing shop or are responsible for cleaning..

6 Notable Use Cases of Silicon

January 27, 2020

  Did you know there is silicon on the moon?    During the moon landing of 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins left a small..

How Barium is Used in Everyday Life

January 20, 2020

  We often think of lead as the toughest metal, but did you know barium is just a little bit tougher?   An underdog on the periodic table, barium..

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