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Who Needs Custom Chemicals?

Posted by Diane Milner on Jan 15, 2018 9:27:00 AM



Custom chemical requests are nothing new for Noah Technologies. For decades, we’ve been working with clients all over the country – and in fact, the globe – to fulfill highly specific requirements regarding chemical purity, packaging, size, and form.

But who needs custom chemicals? What kind of clients do we work with most frequently on special or entirely custom orders? Here’s a breakdown of who is most likely to turn to us for a unique chemical solution.



Noah Technologies works often with manufacturers to supply commercial quantities of both common and hard-to-find chemical compounds. Oftentimes, manufacturers come to us with truly unique problems they need to solve. Sometimes they need to make a process more efficient; other times they’re looking for a more cost-effective chemical solution. Our chemists work with manufacturers to determine the end-goal for implementing new or improved chemical(s), then develop and perfect samples in our on-site laboratory. Our chemical solutions are utilized in all facets of manufacturing, including biological processing, consumer products, machining, and more.


Research Facilities

Researchers have an intrinsic need for custom chemicals. Noah Technologies most often works with researchers who need very high-purity chemicals for inherently specific testing processes. Researchers typically require reagent grade chemicals (and sometimes even ACS grade or better) to ensure precision during sensitive laboratory processes, and they often require unusually small or large quantities of the high-purity chemicals they need for testing purposes. Noah Technologies’ chemicals are manufactured at purities ranging from 99% all the way up to 99.9999+%. We work with research and development arms of large commercial entities, pharmaceutical researchers, and even academic researchers at major universities.


Industrial Applications

Noah Technologies is often called upon to develop unique formulations designed to meet (and exceed) the very specific requirements of industrial applications. The industries we serve range far and wide, from electronics to life sciences to textiles, and each poses its own set of challenges. Industrial clients most often struggle with issues of scale, scope, and safety; custom chemical solutions are frequently the answer. Whether it’s creating a finer-ground powder form of a common chemical catalyst or purifying reagents for use in a tightly-scheduled production process, Noah Technologies’ team of chemists can meet any industrial specification.

Noah Technologies is more than just a chemical manufacturing and supply company: We’re a truly custom chemical provider. Our in-house chemists are experts at problem solving and with one of the most robust catalogs of rare and less-than-common inorganic materials on the planet, we may already offer the exact product you need.



If the success of your process depends on your ability to scale or adjust for market conditions, Noah Technologies is the chemical partner you’ve been looking for. Reach out to our friendly customer service team today to get started with a custom order, or feel free to search our ever-expanding list of available products right now.



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