What does the future hold for chemists and engineers in the automotive sector?

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The automotive industry is about to undergo a Sea Change.

The landscape of the transportation sector is evolving rapidly. With the development of new technologies as well as an uncertain future for the world's natural resources, the demand for innovative products, systems, and ways of thinking in the automotive industry will increase exponentially. In order to innovate, it's important for chemists, researchers, and engineers to have their finger on the pulse of the automotive industry and see what's coming up in the years to come.


That's why we're offering a free download of our eBook, "The Future of Automotive Chemistry: 5 Major Changes to Watch."


Learn more about some of the biggest changes on the horizon for automotive chemistry, including:

  • Bio-based and alternative fuels,
  • Revolutionary materials, 
  • The changing landscape of catalytic converters,
  • and more!


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