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Vanadyl Sulfate: More than Just a Pretty Color

Posted by Diane Milner on Nov 7, 2016 10:35:00 AM


Vanadyl Sulfate is one of the most heralded supplements of the moment. It’s distinguishable by its bright blue color and often used to treat diabetic symptoms when ingested. Noah Technologies makes high-purity vanadyl sulfate in-house in quantities that vary per request.

What more is there to know about this wonder-compound?

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Is Continuous Processing Better than Batch Processing?

Posted by Diane Milner on Oct 31, 2016 9:42:00 AM

Materials processing, specifically chemicals processing, can be a long and complicated process. Batch processing has long been the standard methodology in the industry, but advances in technology are bringing questions to light. Is batch processing better than the alternative of continuous processing?

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Why You Should Thank a Young Scientist from Ohio for Commercially Available Aluminum

Posted by Diane Milner on Sep 3, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Did you know that until the late 1800s, aluminum was a semi-precious metal comparable to silver? Aluminum, though technically abundant in the earth’s crust, is made from a brown rock called bauxite. For millennia, everyone from the Persians to the Egyptians used naturally-occuring aluminum for things like pottery, dyes, and medicines.

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Safety Considerations for Scaling Up Production Capabilities

Posted by Diane Milner on Aug 19, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Industrial-level chemical manufacturing requires acute attention to detail. Safety considerations for employees and scientists should always be the primary concern when deciding whether and how to scale up production.

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Is it Time to Switch Your Chemical Manufacturing Supplier?

Posted by Diane Milner on Jun 26, 2016 12:30:00 PM

Finding the right chemical manufacturing supplier can be a challenge. A variety of factors should be considered in the decision-making process, and best-practice dictates reviewing your vendor(s) at least once every two years. But how do you know when it’s time to consider switching from one supplier to another?

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Big Data and Chemical Manufacturing

Posted by Diane Milner on May 8, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Chemical processors and consumers are increasingly warming to the idea of Big Data. Cloud computing – that is, storing Petabytes worth of information wirelessly, available to access – is changing everything from the way researchers study causation to the processes behind manufacturing lines, and more.

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Topics: Chemical Manufacturing

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